How Do You Operate the ResMed S9 CPAP Machine?


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To operate a RedMed S9 CPAP machine, connect the power, fill the water tub, and make the proper settings on the ramp line, the humidification levels and the mask fitting, explains ResMed. Breathe into the mask, press the power button, lie down and connect the air tubing.

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The S9 Essentials screen is straightforward in its intuitive design, according to RedMed. It allows you to choose your humidity levels and tells you when the device is warming. After fitting your mask with the "mask fitting" icon, you are then ready to start your treatment. You may skip the mask fitting and humidity levels each time once you have made the initial settings. So that your treatment is more comfortable, there is a "ramp time" application in which a "starting time pressure" adjusts to the "treatment pressure."

Reference your ResMed 9 CPAP device instructions and troubleshooting booklet before continuing with the first time treatment on this device. Make sure that the tube is positioned so that it doesn't get tangled when you turn and move body positions in your sleep. To stop the treatment after awakening in the morning, press the power button to turn it off, and remove the mask from your face.

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