How Do You Operate an Apria Oxygen Concentrator?


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The key to operating the Apria oxygen concentrator is ensuring that it is correctly set up and attached to a safe power source using the correct pronged plug, notes Apria Healthcare. Once the concentrator is plugged in and correctly set up, it should be turned on.

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Users can expect the alarm to sound initially while the unit reaches the correct pressure. Once the alarm stops, the user should adjust the oxygen flow rate using the liter control knob. The flow number indicated should be set to the rate prescribed by the medical practitioner, according to Apria’s patient instructions. If the unit is fitted with a liter tube, the indicator ball should sit centrally at the prescribed number.

The user then fits the oxygen mask or nasal cannula so that it is comfortable. The concentrator should then be used as prescribed before the mask or cannula is removed and the unit switched off.

Patients who are considering traveling with oxygen concentrator should first consult their physician to see whether they are fit to travel, suggests WebMD. They also need to plan ahead and ensure that they fit travel arrangements around their prescribed need and the power requirements of the unit. As Apria units don’t run on batteries, patients traveling need either a generator or need to make stops as required by their needs.

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