What Online Training Resources Does Dentrix Offer?

Dentrix's online training resources include workshops, seminars, in-office training, profitability coaching and self-paced learning courses, according to its website. Dentrix offers training plans for professionals in one-time sessions and multiple training courses. It provides software and resources for electronic solo learning, along with group training activities and interactive sessions where a company representative trains employees in the comfort of their own offices.

Dentrix is a Canadian dental software company that began in the mid-1980s. It covers tools and techniques for the management and operation side of dentistry. Its products include management tools such as patient data charts and financial and accounting pages, notes the Dentrix website. It also has technical software, including imaging and graphics. Dentrix also has patient education software and voice recognition systems.

For its diverse product collection, Dentrix offers electronic and in-person training sessions. These training programs are available for a fee, and may train one or more employees in a dentist office. Dentrix offers training workshops for some software programs, which provide short tutorials for participants to enhance their understanding of certain programs. For those seeking a sound working knowledge of its software, Dentrix offers training certificates, which recognizes individuals who master its programs. Dentrix offers on-demand training, which lets people learn at their own pace. It also has a learning edition, which is designed to help new graduates and job seekers gain critical skills, as well as profitability software and training to help dentists maximize revenue.