Are There Online Tips for a Bland Diet to Help Sooth Stomach Ulcers?


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Drugs.com provides online tips for a bland diet to help soothe stomach ulcers. Patients who have stomach ulcers may need to follow a diet that removes any foods or beverages that irritate their stomachs, such as acidic, spicy and fatty foods, states Drugs.com.

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Are There Online Tips for a Bland Diet to Help Sooth Stomach Ulcers?
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There is no specific diet for a person who has an ulcer to follow, states Drugs.com. Since all foods affect each person differently, people with ulcers must learn to recognize the foods that irritate their stomachs. Irritating foods are foods that cause heartburn, stomach pain or indigestion, and patients need to avoid these foods to soothe ulcers.

In general, it is best for those with ulcers to avoid spicy foods and seasonings, such as black and red pepper, chili powder and garlic powder. They should also avoid foods that contain chocolate, such as chocolate candy, hot chocolate or chocolate milk as well as beverages that are high in caffeine or that contain alcohol. Regular coffee, caffeinated teas, and any alcoholic drinks may irritate the lining of a person's stomach and increase his symptoms, states Drugs.com.

Patients with ulcers should try to eat healthy foods from a variety of food groups, states Drugs.com. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products can help heal their ulcers and keep their digestive systems healthy.

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