What Are Some Online Tests That Help You Find Your Soul Mate?


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Users can find out how they might meet their soul mate at BuzzFeed.com, where they might meet their soul mate at Zimbio.com and if they are ready to meet their soul mate at Oprah.com. CaptainQuizz.com also offers a feature that analyzes Facebook posts and profiles to decide which Facebook friends could be the user's soul mate.

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The quiz at BuzzFeed,com asks each user to give details about his personality and preferences before providing him with a funny, general prediction of the circumstances under which he might meet a future romantic partner. The quiz at Zimbio.com also asks several questions about users' likes and how they react in certain situations. It then states a specific location where the user can expect to meet his soul mate, and includes a short prediction of how it might happen.

The quiz at Oprah.com, which is based on a book by Arielle Ford, aims to predict how prepared the quiztaker is to meet his soul mate. The result informs the user whether or not he is ready and adds an encouraging message. The analysis provided by CaptainQuizz.com is unique because it chooses a specific person from the user's current social circle. Since romantic relationships are often more successful between people with much in common, this approach may be encouraging.

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