What Online Resources Does Weight Watchers Offer?

What Online Resources Does Weight Watchers Offer?

Online resources offered by Weight Watchers include a video series, live chat with a Weight Watchers program expert, recipes, an online community and the company's PointsPlus system, as of 2015. Online resources are available through the Weight Watchers OnlinePlus plan.

Weight Watchers' "Master the Plan" video series is eight weeks long. Each video is about three minutes long and offers information on skills and strategies for losing weight with the program.

Program experts are available for live chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week for members of the OnlinePlus program. The program has an online recipe database, customized meals, and meal plans based on the member's dietary restrictions and preferences. The Weight Watchers' online community connects members of the program to share information and stories.

Weight Watchers' PointsPlus system assigns a point value to foods, and each member receives a set number of points per day. The company designed the program to create a calorie deficit for users. Physical activity earns members additional points. If the member has a fitness device, he is able to sync it to his online account, and Weight Watchers automatically converts each fitness activity to points.

Weight Watchers' other plans combine the OnlinePlus plan with coaching or meetings. Meetings are only available in certain areas.