How Do You Find Online Medical Information to Match Your Symptoms?


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To find online medical information to match your symptoms, go to any medical website that offers a diagnostic tool called a symptom checker. Three sites are WebMd.com, MayoClinic.org and HealthLine.com. Although symptom checkers are helpful, they should not be used in lieu of emergency medical treatment or professional advice.

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To use the WebMd system checker, enter personal information, such as the person's gender, age and ZIP code. Then, click the Submit button. From there, either enter a symptom into the search box or click on the graphic of the man or woman to draw up a list of symptoms occurring in a specific part of the human body.

When using the Mayo Clinic symptom checker, click on one of the items matching a symptom, select additional symptoms on the following page, and then press the button marked Find Causes. To use the HealthLine symptom checker, either enter symptoms into a search box or click on Give Me Symptoms to Choose From. This returns a list of possible conditions.

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