Is There an Online List of Food That Diabetics Can't Eat?

WebMD has a very useful guide to foods diabetics should generally avoid, while also providing a list of some healthy alternatives. This list is also useful as it lists both specific foods to steer clear of as well as some broader categories.

Among the examples listed by WebMD, fried meat, white bread, pork bacon, fried tofu and other fried foods are edibles that should be avoided. Turkey bacon, whole wheat bread, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and broiled and grilled meats are some healthy alternatives. Because fats, oils and sweets often lead to weight gain, which in turn causes diabetes to be even more difficult to control, there are many snacks that should be avoided by diabetics. These include potato chips, pork rinds, mayonnaise and buttery popcorn. Some safer alternatives for snacking would be baked snacks, low fat yogurt, reduced fat ice cream and reduced calorie mayonnaise.

The CDC states that eating a healthy diet is a key step in preventing and delaying diabetes. Diabetes occurs either when the body cannot produce enough insulin (Type I) or the insulin made is not able to be used effectively by the body. Foods with a high fat or sugar content can raise an individual's blood sugar, leading to high glucose levels.