What Are Online Diagnosis Codes Used For?


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As of September 2015, the International Classification of Diseases, 9th edition, Clinical Modification is used by physicians and other medical professionals to classify diagnosis for patients, states the American College of Emergency Physicians. The ICD-9-CM is used for statistical tracking of disease, as well as billing and insurance purposes.

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The ICD-9-CM contains a numerical list of disease codes, and a classification system for procedures, notes ACEP. These codes are used in hospitals, doctors offices, and other medical settings to track patient diagnosis and billing.

The ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes are both numeric and alphanumeric codes. The 3-5 numeric codes represent illnesses, according to ACEP. The alphanumeric E codes represent external causes of injuries, such as adverse effects to medication, while the V codes represent the factors that influence the patient's health status.

The ICD-9-CM was preceded by the Bertillon Classification, which was first published in 1893, says ACEP. Every 10 years, French government officials met to review and update the classification. In 1946, the World Health Organization became responsible for the oversight of the International Classification of Diseases.

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