How Do You Take a Free Online Bipolar Test?


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Free online bipolar tests are available through organizations such as Mental Health America or Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, according to each website. While the tests differ, they require you match your actions, thoughts and behaviors to a checklist as well as look into your known family history of mental illness. Both Mental Health America and DBS Alliance record the results as a number, with a high score indicating an increased likelihood of bipolar disorder.

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While a free online bipolar test can be a useful first step, using the results as a definitive diagnosis is not recommended, explains Mental Health America. Instead, consult a qualified mental health professional to begin discussing symptoms, obtain a diagnosis, begin a treatment plan and have questions clarified.

Bipolar disease is often misdiagnosed and can go for as long as 10 years before a correct diagnosis is given, warns Mental Health America. Online tests are useful in helping people seek diagnosis and treatment, theoretically shortening the amount of time it takes to receive help. Approximately 51 percent of people with bipolar disorder fail to receive the treatment they need each year, estimates Treatment Advocacy Center, with an estimated 15 to 17 percent mortality rate. Online tests can be printed out and used to open a discussion with a doctor about the possibility of diagnosis and treatment.

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