What Are Some Online Audiogram Hearing Tests?


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Online hearing tests that provide audiogram results are available in websites such as MyHearingTest.net and AudioCheck.net. The audiogram hearing test on AudioCheck.net is actually the 2012 version of the one on the MyHearingTest.net website. The hearing test posted on the latter offers better test tones and an improved user interface, according to MyHearingTest.net.

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Other online hearing tests such as the one available at Hear-It.org and Starkey.com do not feature an audiogram result but are good tests to try as they both feature a speech test. Starkey.com's hearing test combine a tone test with a speech test and is very user-friendly, claims ClearlyHearing.com. Hear-It.org's hearing test uses a speech-in-noise test in which listeners are asked to identify what the voice is saying over background noises of different volume and frequency.

Online hearing tests shouldn't be treated as a substitute to an actual hearing test performed by a licensed hearing health care provider, recommends ClearlyHearing.com. If the results of your online hearing test indicate that you may have a hearing problem, or if you don't understand the results of your audiogram, visit a hearing professional.

A licensed hearing professional often displays the results of a hearing test in the form of an audiogram. Based on the results, the hearing professional can identify the existence and severity of a hearing loss problem, according to Hear-It.org.

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