Are OneTouch Ultra Mini Test Strips Accurate and Safe for Testing Blood Sugar?


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OneTouch meters provide a reading that is about 12 percent higher than other types of blood glucose meters, such as ones that give whole-blood results, according to Drugs.com. It is possible to test that the meter and strips are working correctly by performing a control solution test.

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The OneTouch Ultra Mini is a small blood glucose meter that stores up to 500 previous test results and comes in six different colors, reports Drugs.com. The meter works by mixing the blood sample with chemicals in the test strip, producing an electric current that the meter measures. The meter presents results in milligrams and deciliters. The OneTouch Ultra Mini costs about $20.00, as of 2013.

Control tests ensure that the meter and strips perform together properly and accurately, explains Drugs.com. Diabetics should perform a control test when opening a new vial of test strips, when results are repeatedly unexpected, and when there is a possibility the results are inaccurate. It is also beneficial to perform a control test once a week. OneTouch Ultra Mini meters require code numbers to calibrate the meter with the test strips. This helps ensure the reading is accurate. For the OneTouch Ultra Mini, the One Touch Ultra blue strips are compatible with the OneTouch Ultra control solution.

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