How Does the OneTouch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose Meter Compare to the UltraMini?


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Three of the main differences between the OneTouch Ultra 2 and UltraMini blood glucose meters are size, features and ergonomics. The UltraMini glucose meter's small size makes it easy to carry in the user's pocket or purse, and the model is a more convenient and faster means of checking glucose levels while traveling or when not at home. The larger Ultra2 model has more features, including the ability to flag readings as before or after a meal, as noted on The Health Plan organization's website.

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Both the Ultra 2 and the UltraMini glucose meter models use the Ultra Blue test strips. Because these test strips take a double reading of each blood sample instead of taking only one, users can be assured of a much greater degree of accuracy in the results, as reported by DiabeticSeniors.com. The smaller UltraMini model features a large-number display that makes it easy to read when results are taken on-the-go, and the larger Ultra 2 model relies upon a backlight and scrolling buttons to display the greater degree of information it can present.

One of the distinguishing features found on the larger Ultra2 model is its ability to demonstrate how the food or meal consumed affected the user's blood glucose level. The Ultra2 also has a gentler blood sample draw. Both the Ultra 2 and the UltraMini models are able to provide the user with results in about 5 seconds after drawing the sample.

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