How Does One Treat Bleeding in the Eye?


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Hyphema, or bleeding in the eye, usually heals on its own when it is mild, according to Healthline. Pain can be treated with medications that do not contain aspirin. Hyphema may also require cycloplegics, steroid eye drops, eye pressure medicines or surgery, as reported by Drugs.com.

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Cycloplegics are medicines that relax eye muscles and decrease pain to allow the eye to heal, according to Drugs.com. Steroid eye drops decrease eye inflammation, and eye pressure medicines decrease pressure. People with hyphema who have eye pressure that does not go away may require surgery. Surgery involves making a small hole in the eye to drain the blood or fluid causing the pressure.

Doctors take into account different factors when deciding how to treat hyphema, states Healthline. These factors include medication tolerance, personal preference, age, health and medical history. Doctors may then prescribe eye drops, an eye patch, head elevation, daily eye pressure checks or limited eye movement.

A hyphema can cause permanent vision problems if not treated, according to Healthline. The most serious complication of a hyphema is increased eye pressure. This pressure can clog the eye's drainage canal, resulting in the kind of damage common in glaucoma. Immediate medical attention is needed if symptoms include vomiting, severe eye pain, worsening or sudden loss of vision, or if more blood is present after treatment, states Drugs.com.

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