How Does One Get Rid of Swollen Eyes?


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Natural, food-based remedies, including potatoes, cucumbers, tea bags, egg whites or milk placed on the eyes all reduce puffiness, according to the Times of India. Addressing seasonal allergies, using a neti pot to clear the nasal cavity and adjusting sleeping habits also contribute to reducing eye puffiness, as stated on WebMD.

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Natural remedies are effective for temporary relief, though they are time-consuming. When one covers the eyes with chilled raw potato, cucumber, tea bags, or cotton balls soaked in milk for 20 to 30 uninterrupted minutes, these methods are cooling and refreshing and produce welcome results.

If allergies are causing swollen eyes, one should consider using an over-the-counter allergy medicine to relieve symptoms and reduce swelling, according to WebMD. Daily use of a neti pot to irrigate the nasal passageways helps to relieve fluid build-up that leads to swelling around the eyes. For side sleepers, a switch to sleeping on the back with an extra pillow to keep one's nasal cavity slightly elevated helps to discourage fluid from collecting under the eyes. It is also important to avoid rubbing the eyes, excessive drinking and sleeping with eye makeup on. In addition, drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated improves skin health and helps prevent swollen eyes.

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