How Does One Get Rid of Excess Lactic Acid?

An excess of lactic acid, also known as lactic acidosis, can be prevented through exercising, through drinking plenty of water and by taking appropriate medications, according to WebMD. Those who start exercising to get rid of excess lactic acid buildup in the body may experience symptoms of lactic acidosis. In this situation, warm down, rest for a bit and drink plenty of water before attempting to exercise again.

When an excess amount of lactic acid builds up in the bloodstream, it results in symptoms like muscle aches, rapid breathing, a burning sensation, nausea and stomach pains. As the amount of lactic acid present in the body is reduced, these symptoms will also gradually disappear with time.

A buildup of lactic acid is typically due to intense exercising. During sessions of intense exercise, the body has insufficient amounts of oxygen to break down into energy. As a result, the body converts glucose into lactate without using up any oxygen. If the lactic acid is not burned up from exercise, it remains in the body. Lactic acid buildup can also be a result of medical conditions such as cancer, seizures, a vitamin B deficiency, liver failure, sepsis and shock. Some drugs that are used to treat diabetes have also been linked to lactic acid buildup.