How Does One Qualify for ADA Parking Tags?


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Each state has differing criteria that must be met in order to qualify for handicapped parking tags or permits, according to WebMD. Typically, the Department of Motor Vehicles requires a doctor to verify significant health problems, although some states may waive this for individuals with a visible disability.

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Common conditions that typically qualify for ADA tags include lung disease, heart disease, documented vision problems, loss of legs or limited mobility, explains WebMD. Additionally, diseases that severely limit an individual's ability to walk also typically qualify. Some states also grant disability parking to those who use portable oxygen or have an acute sensitivity to sunlight, which results in blistering or burning of the skin. No one else may use the tags of a disabled person without the tag holder in the vehicle, as this is illegal and can result in cancellation or fines.

A handicapped parking permit or tag is applied for at the Department of Motor Vehicles or online, states WebMD. All forms must be completed and signed, and the application is submitted in person or by mail. Some states provide handicapped tags free of charge, while other states require a small fee. Those with long-term disabilities and temporary disabilities may apply. Temporary tags are most often valid for a six-month period or a date specified by a physician.

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