How Does One Find NAR Anonymous Meetings and Schedules?

Narcotics Anonymous hosts a meeting search tool on its website, People looking for a Narcotics Anonymous meeting can search in the United States and worldwide by location, and filter by meeting date and language. Narcotic Anonymous was founded in 1953 for the purpose of helping people with substance abuse problems. The program does not differentiate between alcohol and drug addiction, and neither does it distinguish between addiction to narcotic and non-narcotic substances.

Narcotics Anonymous is an offshoot of the Alcoholics Anonymous program, according to the Linn Benton County Groups of NA. Narcotics Anonymous meetings are for people who have a problem with addiction. People in recovery from addiction meet together at Narcotics Anonymous meetings to support one another in their efforts to remain free of drugs. The theory of Narcotics Anonymous is that addicts can help other addicts in their recovery by sharing their experiences.

Narcotics Anonymous is a 12-step program, states the Linn Benton County Groups of NA. Twelve-step programs are modeled on the Alcoholics Anonymous model of addiction recovery in which the first step is admitting a problem, according to Addicts are supposed to follow the steps in sequence, taking inventory of their addictions and making amends for their actions. The 12th and final step is to help other addicts by telling them about the program and living by the principles of the steps.