How Is One Able to Recognize the Symptoms of Adrenal Gland Malfunction?


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Frequent lack of energy, dizziness, weight loss or low blood pressure may point to adrenal gland disorder, states Healthline. If a person experiences these symptoms on a regular basis, consult with a doctor to determine the cause.

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Approximately a million people suffer from adrenal gland disorders, reports Medical News Today. Adrenal gland dysfunction impacts hormone health. Symptoms also include fatigue, body aches and hair loss.

Adrenal gland dysfunction might not be immediately obvious, according to Healthline. A person's medical history can offer some insight into the cause of symptoms. Many people who have adrenal issues seem to be healthy, as noted by Medical News Today. The condition is often worsened by stress or traumatic, long-term illnesses. Underlying conditions such as Addison's disease, Cushing's syndrome or adrenal cancer cause similar problems.

Once symptoms are identified, see a doctor to conduct diagnostic tests. Blood tests are usually the first course of action to determine the root cause of any symptoms, as stated by Healthline. From there, the doctor might recommend more tests such as ultrasounds or X-rays. A person can also take his own steps to deal with the symptoms and prevent further complications. Regular sleep, a nutrient-rich diet and stress management can ease symptoms, according to Medical News Today.

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