How Does the Omnitrition Diet Work?


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The Omnitrition diet is high in lean protein sources and plant based foods. It's broken down into three phases, with each phase being less restrictive than the one that preceded it.

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Protein sources on the Omnitrition diet include lean meat that was naturally raised, poultry and seafood that was caught in the wild. Other foods a dieter can eat include fresh vegetables, eggs, raw nuts, coconut and olive oil. Fruit, particularly berries, and dried beans can be eaten in moderation.

Foods that are to be avoided include soy, sugar, artificial sweeteners, gluten and dairy products other than eggs. Grain products are also not allowed, except for small amounts of quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth. Alcohol isn't allowed in the first phase of the diet and isn't recommended in the second phase. If alcohol is consumed, it should be limited to two drinks per week. Alcoholic beverages that contain gluten, such as beer, aren't allowed.

Omnitrition International, which created the Omnitrition diet, sells a program guide and recipe book. The company also sells products and supplements designed to work with the diet, including sugar free tea, thermo java packets and garcinia cambogia extract capsules. Exercise is part of the Omnitrition program, and an exercise section is included in the program guide.

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