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OmniPlus is a community pharmacy in Houston, Texas, that specializes in providing custom-designed pain, scar, nutritional and specialty therapies, according to the pharmacy. OmniPlus Pharmacy only uses U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved ingredients in its products. Licensed in more than 20 states, OmniPlus serves Medicare and Medicaid patients and members of various private health care plans. Company pharmacists offer their customers personalized compounding of creams and capsules for more than two dozen diagnoses and produce custom-prepared nutritional supplements.

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As of 2015, OmniPlus compounds specialized medications for conditions including neuropathic and chronic pain, such as peripheral neuropathy; radicular and back pain, such as fibromyalgia; and general inflammation and pain, such as sacroiliac joint pain and osteoarthritis, explains the pharmacy. Compounding is the centuries-old method that pharmacists use to prepare tonics, medications, supplements and creams individually for their patients.

OmniPlus combines art and science to make specialty compounds, such as radiation and post-operation scar creams, and fungal nail infection, acne and psoriasis creams, notes the pharmacy. To produce its scar creams, the pharmacy starts with high-quality silicon-based creams and then adds active doctor-prescribed, FDA-approved ingredients to create the specific cream each patient needs. Customers and physicians can call or send faxes to the pharmacy's toll-free numbers to order prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and retail drug store products.

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