How Does Omeprazole Affect the Balance Point?


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In some cases, omeprazole can cause dizziness and drowsiness, according to PubMed Health. However, these side effects usually do not need medical attention and go away after a period of time. Other common side effects of the drug include muscle pain, constipation, gas, heartburn or nasal congestion.

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Symptoms of omeprazole overdose include blurred vision, mouth dryness, headache, sweating, and confusion. These symptoms require emergency medical attention, reports PubMed Health.

Omeprazole is known to cause stomach inflammation if taken for a long period of time. It can also make it difficult for patients to absorb an adequate amount of vitamin B12 or magnesium. Omeprazole may also increase a patient's risk of bone fractures. Certain patients may experience a serious allergic reaction to omeprazole when taking the drug along with an antibiotic, reports PubMed Health.

Commonly used to treat dyspepsia, omeprazole is often prescribed to treat conditions caused by excess stomach acid. The drug is usually taken orally. Omeprazole can be purchased with a doctor's prescription or over-the-counter. Omeprazole is considered safe for all adults, including pregnant women. However, it is not approved for young children or infants, notes PubMed Health. People of Asian descent may need a lower dose of this drug than other people.

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