What Are Some Old Cures and Remedies That Work?


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There are old cures and remedies that have proven over time to be effective in treating conditions such as allergies and sinusitis, belly and bladder problems, and colds and coughs, according to Consumer Reports. Researchers have found a handful of old cures and remedies to be scientifically validated.

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For the treatment of a stuffy nose, a nasal saline irrigation to clear the nasal passages is an inexpensive and effective home remedy for chronic nose and sinus inflammation, notes Consumer Reports. A 2008 published study of children using daily nasal irrigation solutions, conducted over a three month period, concluded fewer medications were taken and there were less absences from school. A saline rinse does not reverse a nasal infection, but it does help to remove mucus from the nasal cavity.

Research shows that chewing gum after abdominal surgery for one hour, three times daily, hastens the return of normal bowel function, explains Consumer Reports. Chewing gum has shown to stimulate intestinal activity and relieve heartburn by lowering acid levels in the stomach. A 2005 British study concluded chewing gum one hour after eating reduces heartburn symptoms for up to three hours.

Eating yogurt, considered a friendly bacteria and known as a probiotic, proves to help relieve vaginal and urinary tract infections and can improve digestive problems, notes Consumer Reports. Chicken soup helps the common cold by loosening nasal secretions, easing a sore throat and preventing dehydration.

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