Is It Okay to Work Out the Same Muscle Group Twice a Day?

Muscle & Strength explains that most weight training experts do not recommend working out the same muscle group more than once per training session. Overworking the muscles leads to severe muscle breakdown.

Experienced bodybuilders tend to take the less-is-more approach to workouts, according to Muscle & Strength. Each person must find the right balance of intensity and repetition that produces the desired results. The key point to remember is that muscles need time to rest and recover. The ideal recovery time is 24 to 48 hours. When a muscle group is worked out too frequently, it takes those muscles much longer to recover from the stress. Instead of becoming stronger, they become weaker and more prone to injury. Too much strain on muscles may cause so much damage that the bodybuilder needs physical therapy to regain what was lost.

A better approach to muscle building is to target each muscle group and work them out once per week. For example, one gym session targets the calves and legs, and the next targets the chest, abs and back. Progress is made by being patient and allowing the body to do what comes naturally. Peak muscle growth occurs during the recovery period when the muscles are worked out with the right amount of weight and intensity.