What Are Some Obvious Signs of a Bad Relationship?


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An obvious sign of a bad relationship is when partners do not turn to each other for emotional support but rather look for it in other people. Attempting to alienate one's partner from friends and family is another reason to re-evaluate the relationship.

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If partners are not helping each other become better people but are influencing each other in bad ways or promoting bad habits in each other, such as laziness or heavy drinking, it means the relationship is probably not a healthy one. It is also worrying if the partners do not make each other feel good about themselves but are constantly pointing out each others' flaws instead of praising positive qualities.

Avoiding important topics, such as family affairs, marriage or having a baby, is a sign that the relationship might not last long. If the partners feel trapped in the relationship, crave freedom or feel lonely when they are together, they might not be a good match.

It is important that partners can rely on each other. If this is not the case, the relationship likely cannot grow into a serious one.

A bad relationship is one that lacks exchanges of affection, support, understanding and appreciation. If partners do not value each others' qualities, emotions, achievements and desires, their relationship might be bringing them more grief than joy.

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