What Is the OA Diet Food Plan?

Overeaters Anonymous does not have a specific food plan. OA is a twelve-step recovery program for compulsive overeating similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, rather than a diet. Having a plan of eating is one of the tools of recovery, but each individual chooses or develops her own plan.

No specific requirements exist for the plan of eating, and Overeaters Anonymous does not recommend one. Each OA member selects a plan that works for her based on her past experience and dietary needs. Members may consult with a physician or dietitian for nutritional guidance. They often seek assistance from their sponsor to ensure their plan reflects their goal of abstinence from compulsive overeating.

The plan of eating, which may be rigid or flexible, serves as a tool in making dietary decisions. It defines what the member may eat, when, where, how and why. It helps the member with the physical aspects of compulsive overeating. Members use the plan of eating tool to help them abstain from overeating.

Abstinence involves refraining from compulsive eating while working towards or maintaining a healthy body, according to OA.org. Members work towards abstinence by following the 12-step program, observing OA's 12 traditions, attending meetings, working with a sponsor and using the nine tools of recovery.