What Are the Nutritional Facts of a Serving of Gatorade?


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The rebranded original form of Gatorade, called the Thirst Quencher, has 80 calories, 21 sugars from carbohydrates, 45mg of potassium and 150mg of sodium per 350 milliliter serving, as of 2010. This drink is meant to be consumed during the middle of a workout or sporting activity.

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The Thirst Quencher is part of a three part series of sports drinks released by PepsiCo around 2010. These three drinks are named Prime, Perform and Recover. They are meant for the beginning, middle and end of strenuous workouts and sports, respectively, marketed toward athletes for refueling electrolytes that they lose during the course of their physical activities.

The Prime drink is formulated in a gel-like manner for consumption right before a workout, meant to prepare the body with nutrients. Perform contains nutrients that humans lose through sweat or other losses during the course of physical exertion. Recover contains proteins meant to help with muscle recovery, making it useful for those wishing to heal and retain their strength following a workout.

Gatorade has been used during emergency relief efforts to provide a replacement for drinkable water. In these situations, it provides nutrients as well as hydration where victims might not otherwise find it. However, it isn't sufficient in supplying the body with enough potassium, sometimes resulting in potassium deficiencies.

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