How Do You Find Nutritional Information for Cheddar's?

How Do You Find Nutritional Information for Cheddar's?

Cheddar's Casual Cafe restaurant does not publish exact nutrition information for the items on its menu. Although most of the restaurant's handmade items are high in calories, fat and sodium, Cheddar's does have a "lighter side" menu with items under 575 calories.

Cheddar's is a neighborhood-style restaurant based in Irving, Texas and founded in 1979. There are over 135 Cheddar's locations in the United States. The restaurant serves American foods such as steaks, chicken, seafood, burgers, salads and desserts, all made from scratch.

Customers can make healthy choices when ordering from a restaurant menu by avoiding fried items and anything with a heavy sauce or dressing. A suggestion for a healthy entree is grilled fish or chicken with vegetables as a side dish.

Another way to cut down on calories and fat when eating out is to share an entree with a friend. By dividing a six-ounce steak dinner, each person can have a three-ounce portion, which is the proper amount according to the American Heart Association.

Diners should also avoid sugary beverages and flavored cocktails with their meals because of the high calorie content. Lower calorie options are water, black coffee or a single glass of wine. Too much sugar poses an increased risk of heart disease or diabetes.