How Do You Find Nutritional Information for Arby's Menu Items?

How Do You Find Nutritional Information for Arby's Menu Items?

To find nutritional information for Arby's menu items, visit the item's page on, as of 2015. The site provides nutritional information for individual items and the entire Arby's menu.

To view nutritional information for an item, visit, and click Our Menu. Select an item category, and select an item. On the item page, click Nutritional Info.

To view nutritional information for the entire menu, visit the Our Menu page, and click Nutrition Info. The page opens as a PDF.

The Our Menu page separates items into categories based on the food type, such as Angus steak, pepper bacon, turkey, chicken and sides. It also has categories for kids menu items, Market Fresh items, and Snack 'n Save items. Items available for a limited time have the words "limited time" displayed on their pictures.

Each item page includes the item's ingredients and a description. It also has a video related to the item and suggested sides for that item.

The Nutrition Info page for the entire menu lists each menu item's nutrition facts. It lists major food allergens next to each item. The page indicates items that are manufactured in facilities that process peanuts, items that are cooked in oils of foods that contain major allergens, and items that aren't available at some Arby's locations.