Why Is Nutrition Important in Sports?


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Nutrition is important in sports because it helps supply athletes with the energy they need to perform, according to MedlinePlus. The proper type of nutrition varies by sport, but developing good eating habits helps athletes stay in the best shape possible while also improving their stamina.

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Why Is Nutrition Important in Sports?
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The Paolo Alto Medical Foundation explains that athletes burn calories faster than non-athletes, and they accordingly need to consume more calories during the day. However, those calories need to be from a balanced diet of healthy foods. Carbohydrates are especially because they help provide fuel for an athlete's endurance. Proteins help to build and repair muscles, and they create red blood cells that help move oxygen throughout the body. The more oxygen the muscles receive, the better they perform. Small amounts of healthy fats are also necessary as they help to provide energy, and they help the body process vitamins.

Fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, which promote bone and muscle growth. Water is a key part of any athlete's nutrition as it helps prevent dehydration and aids digestion. Dehydration often leads to muscle cramps and fatigue, which directly impact an athlete's performance. Active people should drink water before and after a game or workout, and they should sip water during a session.

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