How Do Nurses Perform a Foley Catheter Insertion?


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Nurses perform Foley catheter insertion in males and females by gently inserting the catheter tube into the body until it reaches the bladder, according to WebMD. Next, nurses inflate the catheter balloon with water, allowing drainage to occur.

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While the physiological means of entering the bladder is different for males and females, one of the primary differences that nurses need to be aware of is the fact that the male urethra is longer than the female one, notes WebMD. During catheter insertion, proper sterilization and lubrication is important for patient health and comfort.

When performing a Foley catheter insertion on a female, nurses often make the procedure easier by elevating the patient's legs or placing them in a frog-legged position, notes WebMD. Nurses typically insert Foley catheters in males while the patient is lying down or sitting in a frog-legged position. Once the catheter is no longer needed, nurses deflate the balloon by inserting a syringe into the valve of the catheter and pulling back, allowing the difference of pressure to cause water to flow into the syringe. Once the balloon is fully deflated, nurses gently withdraw the Foley catheter, making sure to check for irritation in the urethral area and following up with the patient after a few days to ensure that infection has not occurred.

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