How Does a Nurse Insert a Male Catheter?


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To insert a male catheter, a nurse first asks the patient to remove his clothes from the lower portion of the body, and then asks him to lie on his back with knees straight or bent, explains Drugs.com. The nurse cleans the urethral opening using an antiseptic solution and injects a lubricating jelly into the urethra. The nurse then inserts the tip of the urinary catheter into the urethra’s opening, slowly advancing it into the bladder.

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Once the catheter is inserted and reaches the bladder, urine begins to flow down the catheter tube, states Drugs.com. At this point the nurse advances the catheter pushing it further. Below the catheter tip is a balloon with a connecting tube, which the nurse uses to inflate using a small amount of saline or sterile water. This inflated balloon helps in preventing the catheter from falling out of the bladder. When the catheter is perfectly in place, the nurse then attaches the drainage bag, which is placed below the bladder level to ensure the drainage of urine is correct with no backflow.

When injecting a lubricating jelly into the urethra, the nurse uses a special syringe that’s made with a smooth plastic tip instead of a needle, notes Drugs.com. The catheter is used to relieve a physical obstruction to urine flow, drain urine when the muscles or nerves of the bladder aren’t working properly and treat incontinence, among other reasons.

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