What Is the Numerical Range Used for the Aldrete Scoring System?

The numerical range for the Aldrete scoring system is 0 to 10. Two points are possible in each of five categories: activity, respiration, consciousness, blood circulation, and color or pulse oximetry, according to EasyCalculation.

The Aldrete scoring system is used in the medical field to objectively measure a patient’s recovery after anesthesia. The system determines a patient’s candidacy to leave the post-anesthesia care unit or to be discharged home. A patient must receive at least 9 out of 10 points on the Aldrete scoring system to be considered for discharge, explains Open Anesthesia. Two points are awarded for achieving each of the following milestones after anesthesia: moving all extremities on command; breathing deeply and coughing; being fully awake; maintaining a systemic blood pressure within 20 percent of the pre-anesthetic blood pressure; and maintaining an oxygen saturation of at least 92 percent on room air. Fewer points are awarded for deficits in any category.