Is There a Numbered Dental Chart Online?


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Numbered dental charts are available online at DentalImplants-USA.com, DentalFearCentral.org, OneDollarDentist.com as of 2015. Dentists in the United States generally use the United States standard or universal tooth numbering system.

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DentalImplants-USA.com offers examples of two dental numbering charts for two different numbering systems. The standard tooth numbering system assigns a number to each tooth in ascending order, starting from the back upper-right molar and moving counter clockwise around the mouth to the bottom-right molar.

The two-digit notation system, shown on DentalImplants-USA.com and Dental Fear Central assigns a two-digit number to each tooth. The first number denotes the tooth's location and the second digit denotes the type of tooth.

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