What Number Indicates Low Blood Sugar?


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Low blood sugar is generally considered anything below 70 milligrams per deciliter, states Healthline. Low blood sugar is referred to as hypoglycemia and requires immediate treatment. People who aren't aware that they have hypoglycemia can have quick drops in blood sugar levels, leading to fainting, seizures or a coma.

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What Number Indicates Low Blood Sugar?
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Some symptoms associated with low blood sugar include blurred vision and rapid heartbeat, shaking, sweating, unexplained fatigue and pale skin, notes Healthline. It is also common for a person with hypoglycemia to have sudden mood swings, tingling skin and difficulty concentrating. A person who experiences these symptoms should consume 15 grams of fast-digesting carbohydrate as quickly as possible. Some good sources include juice or regular soda, saltine crackers or a tablespoon of sugar. Hard candy and honey also help to raise blood sugar levels quickly.

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