Do Numb Toes Cause Balance Problems?


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Numbness in the feet or legs can cause a patient to lose his balance, indicates eMedicineHealth. Numb toes can be a symptom of neuropathy or poor circulation, or it can be caused by an injury or the way a patient's shoes constrict his feet, as MedicineNet indicates.

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A patient who is experiencing numbness due to neuropathy is likely to suffer from balance problems, according to The Neuropathy Association. When the patient cannot feel where his feet are, he loses confidence about their placement, and his physical coordination suffers.

If a patient has numbness in his legs or feet, he can prevent accidents due to losing his balance and falling down by using handrails and grab bars, eMedicineHealth recommends. Cleaning up clutter and getting rid of throw rugs can also prevent falls.

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