What Are the Normal Treatments for Atrial Fibrillation?


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Treatments for atrial fibrillation include heart rhythm and rate control medications, anticoagulants and lifestyle changes to improve heart health. When medications don't work, or the patient cannot tolerate the medications, atrial fibrillation is treated with a number of surgical options, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

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The goals of atrial fibrillation treatment are to restore the heart to a normal rhythm, reduce an overly high heart rate, prevent blood clots, manage risk factors for stroke and prevent heart failure, according to American Heart Association. The most appropriate treatment for a patient's atrial fibrillation depends on how long the symptoms have been present, how bothersome the symptoms are and the underlying cause of the atrial fibrillation. In some cases, patients may need a more invasive treatment, such as surgery or medical procedures using catheters, according to Mayo Clinic.

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