Is This a Normal Skin Reaction to a Tick Bite?


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Many people have no skin reaction to tick bites, according to Healthline. An allergic skin reaction shows up as a rash or pain, swelling or blisters at the bite site, sometimes accompanied by trouble breathing. If the tick transmits a disease, serious symptoms often appear.

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A tick-borne disease appears as a rash or red spot, as well as swelling of lymph nodes, and tick-bite victims also sometimes feel achy and experience a stiff neck or muscle or joint pain, according to Healthline. Other signs include general fatigue, headache, fever, chills and nausea. Depending on their severity, these tick-bite symptoms may suggest a serious illness, so a doctor should be consulted.

Ticks typically seek warm and moist areas, so bites often occur under the arms, on the scalp or in the groin region, Healthline explains. Ticks feed on blood and remain attached to the host's body for days or even weeks. As they draw blood, ticks grow larger and turn greenish blue. They release themselves after they are full.

Since tick bites often produce no symptoms, people usually do not notice tick bites unless they see the insects still attached to the skin, advises Healthline. A red and swollen bite is likely from a spider, not a tick. Other insects attack en mass and leave groups of bites, but ticks are solitary feeders.

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