What Is the Normal Size of an Ovary in Centimeters?

The normal size of an ovary is 3 to 5 centimeters. This length varies according to a woman's hormonal condition and age. As the woman passes her childbearing years and grows older, nearing menopause, the ovary becomes smaller and smaller until it becomes atrophic.

Small and gray colored with an oval shape, the ovary is located in a woman's pelvis. A pair of ovaries can be found in either side of a female's uterus. The ovaries are supported by a number of ligaments, and blood flow is provided by multiple arteries and veins.

The ovaries are responsible for producing a female's sex hormones, housing and releasing eggs for reproduction. Prior to ovulation, eggs are housed on a number of follicles which bead across the surface of the ovary. These follicles grow specifically for this purpose, and break off if not in use.