What Is a Normal Sedimentation Rate for a 74-Year-Old Woman?

A normal sedimentation rate for a woman over the age of 50 is 0 to 30 millimeters per hour, according to WebMD. Normal ranges vary between labs, and the lab report needs to show the range used by the lab.

A sedimentation rate blood test measures the speed at which red blood cells settle into the test tube. The sedimentation rate is analyzed by the treating physician, who considers such factors as the medical history and health of the patient when assessing whether or not lab results are normal, explains WebMD.

Conditions that cause a high sedimentation rate include autoimmune disease, cancer, pregnancy, certain infections, inflammation and chronic kidney disease, indicates WebMD. Low sedimentation rates are caused by sickle cell disease, high blood sugar levels, severe liver disease and polycythemia, which is an abnormal increase in red blood cells.