What Is a Normal Sedimentation Rate?


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The normal sedimentation rate varies by gender and age, but a standard range for men under age 50 is 0 to 15 milliliters per hour, according to WebMD. The normal ranges for women in the same age bracket is 0 to 20 millimeters per hour.

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For men older than 50, the normal rate is 0 to 20 millimeters per hour, according to WebMD. Women older than 50 have a normal rate of 0 to 30 millimeters per hour. The normal range for children is 0 to 10 millimeters per hour, and the normal range for newborns is 0 to 2 millimeters per hour.

The sedimentation rate is a blood test that measures how many red blood cells settle at the bottom of a test tube in one hour.

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