What Is a Normal Range for Blood CA 19-9?


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The normal range for the CA 19-9 radioimmunoassay blood test is between 0 and 37 units per mililiter, according to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. The CA 19-9 measures antigens in the blood that may be associated with tumors.

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Levels of antigens associated with CA 19-9 are higher in patients with pancreatic cancer, explains the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. However, not all patients with pancreatic cancer have elevated CA 19-9 levels. Additionally, conditions unrelated to cancer can cause high CA 19-9 results, so the CA 19-9 test is not an accurate diagnostic or screening evaluation for pancreatic cancer. Health care professionals perform the CA 19-9 test after treatment of pancreatic cancer to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatments.

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