What Is the Normal Range for an Amylase Test for Pancreatitis?


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The normal range of results for an amylase test for pancreatitis is 23 to 85 U/L, according to MedlinePlus. Some labs may consider readings from 40 to 140 U/L to be the normal.

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Higher than normal levels may be linked to acute pancreatitis, cancer of the pancreas, ovaries or lungs, gastroenteritis, infection of the salivary glands, intestinal blockage, pancreatic or bile duct blockage or perforated ulcers.

Smaller amounts could indicate cancer or damage to the pancreas, kidney disease or toxemia of pregnancy.

Patients are advised to avoid asparaginase, aspirin, birth control pills, cholinergic medications, ethacrynic acid, methyldopa, opiates and thiazide diuretics prior to the test as these drugs may increase amylase measurements.

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