Is It Normal to Have Pelvic Pain After a Hysterectomy?


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A hysterectomy is major surgery, and it is normal to experience postoperative pain that decreases in severity during the weeks and months that follow. Severe abdominal pain following a hysterectomy, however, should be reported immediately, states Johns Hopkins Medicine.

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After conducting surveys and interviews, 5 to 34 percent of women experience chronic pain post surgery, as stated by a study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Only about 16 percent of women continue to have pain after four months, and of that percentage, most causes of pelvic pain are unrelated to the hysterectomy. Also, it is typical for patients with fibromyalgia to experience more severe pain following the procedure. Pain that increases with time or is not relieved by prescribed medicine may not be normal and requires follow-up with a doctor.

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