What Is a Normal-Low Blood Pressure Range?


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A blood pressure range lower than 120/80 is considered normal, according to the American Heart Association. The systolic number,120, measures the pressure on the arteries as the heart contracts. The 80, or diastolic number, represents the artery pressure between beats when the heart rests and refills with blood.

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For adults 20 years and older, 120/80 or less is recommended. However, blood pressure numbers vary due to physical activity, stress, sleep and posture when a person stands or sits, explains the American Heart Association. High blood pressure measurements are incremental, meaning ranges such as 160/100 or higher are considered stage 2 hypertension, while higher than 180/110 requires immediate medical attention. The higher the systolic number after age 50, the higher the risk of cardiovascular disease due to arteries that are less flexible and the presence of plaque buildup within them.

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