What Is the Normal Hemoglobin A1c Range?


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The normal hemoglobin A1c range for nondiabetics is between 4 percent and 5.6 percent, states WebMD. Hemoglobin A1c levels that range from 5.7 percent to 6.4 percent show elevated risk for developing diabetes.

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Diabetes is present in patients with hemoglobin A1c levels higher than 6.4 percent. Those diagnosed with the disease typically undergo a hemoglobin A1c test to determine their average blood sugar levels over a period of 2 to 3 months. The results serve as a reference on how well their condition is being managed. The test can take place in the laboratory, at the care provider's office or at home using a special test kit.

The higher the concentration of glucose in the blood, the higher the hemoglobin A1c levels. To avoid diabetes-related complications, the target hemoglobin A1c levels for diabetics is less than 7 percent, notes WebMD.

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