What Are Normal Blood Levels?


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Normal blood levels may refer to the clinical values of blood components as indicated by a complete blood count test, as the Mayo Clinic describes. On the other hand, they may refer to the expected blood glucose value found in a healthy human being, according to WebMD.

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Normal red blood cell counts vary between 4.32 and 5.72 trillion cells per liter in men and between 3.90 and 5.03 trillion cells per liter in women, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Normal values for blood glucose levels are common for both sexes and are measured while fasting and two hours after a meal. Normal fasting blood sugar levels are 100 milligrams per deciliter while postprandial levels vary between 140 and 160 milligrams per deciliter, depending on the age of the patient, according to WebMD.

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