What Is a Non-Toxic Uninodular Goiter?

A non-toxic uninodular goiter is a type of simple goiter that does not involve the production of the thyroid hormone. This condition can be characterized by the development of nodules, which need to be assessed by a doctor. It may also cause the whole thyroid gland to enlarge, as stated by NYU Langone Medical Center.

The main cause of non-toxicuninodular goiter is not known, as stated by Healthline. All types of goiters are usually caused by too little or excess thyroid hormone in the body. This condition has been linked to family history, regular use of certain medications, use of substances that prevent production of thyroid hormone and iodine deficiency.

A non-toxic goiter is common in women and people who are aged 40 years and above. Factors that increase the chances of a person getting this condition include family history of goiter, low iodine consumption and radiation therapy history.

Non-toxic uninodular goiters may not have symptoms, unless they grow large. Symptoms may include neck swelling, hoarseness, difficulty in swallowing, pressure on the neck and breathing difficulties. This condition may not require medical treatment unless the goiter is growing rapidly. Some forms of treatment that may be used by a doctor include radioactive iodine and hormone suppression therapy.