What Are Some Non-Surgical Treatments for Hernia Repair?


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Non-surgical treatments for abdominal hernias include using a binder, corset or trusset, according to MedicineNet. These are used to put pressure on the skin and abdomen to keep the hernia from worsening, though there are risks, such as skin damage or infection.

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If the hernia is a hiatial hernia, it is often treated without surgery, notes MedicineNet. This type of hernia doesn't cause symptoms on its own, but instead has discomfort due to acid reflux. Hiatial hernias cause gastroesophageal reflux disease, so non-surgical treatment involves taking an over-the-counter medication for the excess acid in the stomach.

For all types of abdominal hernias, if it continues to grow despite home treatment, surgery is needed, says MedicineNet. There is a high rate of success for patients who get hernia repair for an abdominal hernia. The main surgical option is to use an incision to remove the hernia. It is possible that hernias removed in this manner come back at a later date. The prognosis for hernia repair depends on the size of the hernia, if the patient has other medical conditions, and if any of the intestine was damaged from the hernia.

Some hernias are prevented by maintaining a healthy weight, according to MedicineNet. Other ways to prevent a hernia include eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and using the right lifting techniques.

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