Are There Any Non-Surgical Treatments for Drooping Eyelids?


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Drooping eyelids can be treated without surgery in rare cases by administering medicine by injection, according to EyeNet Magazine. Treating the underlying disorder responsible for the drooping eyelids can help reverse the condition, says Drugs.com.

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Are There Any Non-Surgical Treatments for Drooping Eyelids?
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Spastic ptosis is a rare, uncontrollable eye blinking disorder that can be treated with an injection of the botulinum toxin, commonly called botulism, says EyeNet Magazine. Relaxation of the eye muscle results from the treatment, making the eyelids easier to lift, correcting ptosis. A patient displaying several symptoms in addition to ptosis may have a more serious underlying condition. For example, ptosis may be one side effect of myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disease that causes the body to attack its own muscular system. Treatment of myasthenia gravis may affect ptosis in the patient, according to Drugs.com.

Originally thought to be a cosmetic condition, drooping eyelids can pose an injury hazard, particularly in elderly patients, states Drugs.com. Ptosis, an abnormal condition that causes dysfunction of one or both eyelid retractors, is characterized by the top eyelid hanging lower than normal and obstructing the vision of the patient, says EyeNet Magazine. Ptosis can be congenital, age related or related to another muscle, nerve, brain or eye socket condition that causes the eyelids to droop, according to Drugs.com.

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